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It's important to introduce your child to academics as early as possible. Preschool has been proven to markedly improve a child’s school success. River Kids Early Learning & Enrichment believes every child in Auburn Hills, MI deserves to start off on the right foot.

In our preschool, your child will improve in the following areas:

• Language— We teach children varying modes of communication by constantly interacting with them. This improves their overall cognitive development and prepares them for Pre K.

• Imagination—A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing to behold. We feel honored to witness it on a daily basis. The way children interact differently with their surroundings is truly astonishing. We encourage their unique personality to explore and grow.

• Academics—Math and reading skills are developed from an early age. We introduce children to the basic concepts to set the foundation for years to come.

• Physical Activity—Play and free time are important for every child. We like to keep them moving. Child obesity rates have reached epidemic proportions. The best and easiest way to combat this is to be physically active. If we return your child to you without draining their battery, we haven’t done our job. We know how important down time after work can be!

• Sociability—By interacting with other kids, your child will get a chance to test themselves in social situations. This interaction time, when properly supervised, has a huge impact on a child’s development. They get to explore social norms and boundaries while always being encouraged to “play nice”.

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