Enrichment Classes

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Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes | RiverKids Early Learning & Enrichment - Auburn Hills, MI

Enrichment classes are designed to supplement your child’s educational goals by offering them their first chance to explore extracurricular activities. Many children establish a lifetime love of music, art, or gymnastics by experiencing them at an early age. Children at RiverKids Early Learning & Enrichment of Auburn Hills, MIare encouraged to try out enrichment classes. We do our best to make them affordable for all families, but they do come at an additional cost.

Learning an instrument, a second language, or a sport broadens intellectual and physical horizons by challenging children to develop outside of the classroom. Giving them a chance to excel outside of academics may unveil new talents that would otherwise go undiscovered. We offer preschool enrichment classes, and classes for older children, including:

• Spanish—Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is prominent within the United States. Learning Spanish has many cultural benefits in our society. The best time to learn a second language is at a young age, when it's easier to acclimate hearing and speaking to a variety of sounds. Your child could sound like a native speaker by the time they fill out those critical college apps.

• Violin—We encourage all our students to pick up an instrument as early as possible. It has been shown to benefit children creatively, academically, and in fine motor skills. Perhaps your child is interested in learning a different instrument like guitar or piano? Contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

• Gymnastics—Tumbling, flipping, jumping, and running are a favorite with every kid. Now they have a chance to expend all that energy! We provide a safe, organized setting for children to test their physical limits and develop their physiques. Gymnastics fosters a child’s ability to focus and is a key element in physical education.

Our enrichment classes are a favorite amongst children and parents alike. Get more information today!

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