Child Care

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Child Care

Child Care | RiverKids Early Learning & Enrichment - Auburn Hills, MI

Child care is where children of working families spend most of their days. It's important families have the option of sending their child to a place where they'll be stimulated and happy without breaking the bank! RiverKids Early Learning &Enrichment of Auburn Hills, MI provides such an option. You'll be amazed at how effective our staff is at engaging children in meaningful educational activities.

Our child care and learning techniques include:

• High/Scope—Children are tactile learners who engage with the world hands (feet, mouths, nose, face) first. Active participatory learning is the method of verbally and physically communicating with children throughout their discovery process. They're encouraged to assess their environment, establish a plan, perform the plan, and reflect on their actions. This style of learning improves cognition and language.

• Reggio Emilia—This technique, developed by Italian educator Loris Malaguzzi, is an adaptive process of communication among child, teacher, and parent. Experiences like drawing, writing, building, and other art forms are used to invoke a child’s creativity and reveal their personality. Educators keep track of the children’s progress and develop a narrative across the breadth of their educational experience. Communication is key!

• Love and Logic—Unruly behaviors can manifest themselves in every child. The Love and Logic method teaches them limits and social norms by impressing upon them the consequences of poor decision making. Learning positive character traits like sharing, compassion, and compromise has lifelong benefits. The earlier we address these issues, the easier it is to overcome them. Helping a difficult child succeed is a rewarding experience.

Ask about our child care and teaching methods and how they can help you, your child, and your family grow.

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